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Eva Herzigova’s Nipples in Vogue of the Day

You know seeing a girl’s nipple thru her shirt is really not as exciting as it once was back when women didn’t wear see thru shirts on the regular, especailly when the girl who is showing her nipple thru a see thru shirt in some tasteful photoshoot for “Vogue” is a Czech Model, who I know if I was a little smarter, could have bought as my wife back in the 80s if I spent my money on airfare to Prague instead of on whiskey and hookers, but I guess hindsight is 20/20 or some shit.

She’s pretty much done very little work other than modeling and working the sex trade back when the sex trade was the only way a hot bitch could actually make something of herself by fucking tourists who eventually fall in love because the whores back home don’t look anything like this, before your country opened up….something I really wish I had exploited when I had the chance.

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