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Cheryl Tweedy Showin’ Off Her Gutter Tattoos of the Day

There’s nothing like bringing some seemingly clean, hot bodied girl you picked up drinking whiskey at the local cowboy bar, after striking up conversation with her about why someone so tight bodied would be in such a piece of shit place, with piece of shit men like yourself, who just want to fuck her ass like it was a piece of fuckin’ warm wet meat while treating her like a piece of fuckin’ shit, to the hourly rate motel down the street from the cowboy bar, where you strip her down in your dark hotel room, ravaging her, grabbing her, licking her and suckin her, sliding your hand up her thigh and feeling her well trimmed muff under some lacy panties before throwin’ her on the bed and licking her from the knee up her inner thigh on your way to that glorious pussy that felt so nice just moments earlier, but noticing this gutter tattoo before you get to your destination distracts you so much making you ask her where she got it risking ruining the moment and having her say “In Prison”, making you scared to ask why, but it reminds you that this bitch is someone you probably want to use a condom with because she’s been around enough to get arrested, making you realize prison tattoos strategically placed on the way to the pussy acts like a warning sign that this pussy may be tainted and for that, we thank Cheryl Tweedy for being so considerate, despite the cold hard truth that we will never get to really maximize it’s purpose since she’s not hanging in ghetto local cowboy bars, she’s all famous and luxurious and shit….but we can jerk off to pics of it.

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  • drunken pig

    Ahhhhhhhhhhh…..just did!!