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Penelope Cruz Big Nosed Cleavage of the Day

I used to fight with this chick I was fucking about whether she was good looking or not, because she definitely wasn’t but she thought she was because a whole lot of dudes would tell her she was, when they were drunk.

I used to say that nothing on her was attractive, she had a wonky face, a shitty body, uneven tits, a meaty pussy and a flat ass, short legs, long torso, rash on her inner thigh, port wine stain down her back, a cancerous lookin’ lesion, acne scars, greasy hair even after she showered, two different colored eyes, and was missing a tooth, but she wasn’t fat and sometimes I guess that’s good enough, I mean it was good enough for me and all those drunk dudes who would try to get her home with them….

That said, if you were to meet Penelope Cruz’s nose, without the rest of her attached, you’d think shit this is one disgusting nose, and if she wasn’t Penelope Cruz, I’d be the kind of guy who wouldn’t be able to focus on anything but her nose, because it is so far from perfect. It’s like I’d stare at that shit when we eat, when we drink, when we fuck and when we sleep. I’d stare at it when we were at movies, and out tap dancing, it would take over my fucking life, but I guess for the rest of the world, they focus on the good and not that bad and they don’t judge a woman based on her imperfections, they focus on the entire package and personality, pretty much because they take whatever they can get and pretend to be happy with it, where as I take what I can get, and stay miserable with it…

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  • drunken pig

    Yes I will give you she has the face of an abused choirboy…and tom cruize touched it(well maby not)But c’mon…well worth a ravaging!!

  • Yeah


  • (608): She said I drew a line on her forehead with my cum and whispered “Simba”

    (613): she was blowing me and I farted, she gave me a high five and kept going.

    (720): its like the voldemort of pregnancies, we don’t talk about it

    (208): if beer pong were an olympic sport, I’d be the Michael Phelps of this city!

    (MDT): My Drunk Texts.com – For those of you who turn into prolific and inappropriate texters after a few drinks, be warned: your SMS ramblings may end up as someone else’s entertainment online.

  • drunken pig

    Yeah say’s….”I hang around school yard’s,fumbling around in my pant’s,pretending im looking for money to give to the kid’s”…MAGGOT!!

  • Wendel

    ANOTHER day of no Megan Fox????

    That AND a hot gal who actually has talent!!!!
    Talent AND people go to see her movies!?!?!?!?

    What, is the boss away on vacation?

    Keep him away and keep up the good work.