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Rebecca Gayheart Kills Babies Just Not Her Babies of the Day

I would have thought that Rebecca Gayheart had a taste for blood after murdering that kid with her car a few years ago, sure she got off both with the judicial system and in her pants but where I am from a murderer is a fucking murderer and they usually do it again. It’s not one of those one time things, she probably thinks she is above the law, and maybe aborting her fetus or smashing her stomach with a frying pan, doesn’t give her the satisfaction she needs, so she’s waiting this fuckin’ thing out until he’s 8 and she can see his helpless screams as she “accidentally” runs over him while talking on her cell phone for old times. She’s a sick woman who doesn’t deserve a normal life after stealing the life of an innocent child and seeing her do this is pretty much mocking the mother of that poor kid she ran down. Let’s collectively hope she gets hers.

Pics via PacificCoastNews

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  • Fuckstick

    never liked this piece of cunt

  • drunken pig

    Are you it was’nt her face that got run over??

  • Nate

    her parents were cousins.

  • Amber_Taylor

    Yer Gayheart posts always crack me up…

  • anony

    Your comments are cruel, vile and disgusting.
    However, I happen to agree with you completely about this skank.