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Gwen Stefani Shows Off Her Bra Strap of the Day

If you can get off to a girl’s bra strap, you’ve got some serious fucking issues. I don’t even think I got boners over bra straps when I was 12, perverted and very easily excitable and that was a time that even the idea of a lacey piece of strappy clothing designed to hold a woman’s breast like it is a hand would be something I found desperate and I used to cum just sitting on the vibrating bus seat..

But I’d rather you get off to Bra Stra than Gwen Stefani, because if you can get off to Gwen Stafani, you’ve real serious fucking issues far greater than getting off to lacey clothing items designed to hold a breast tenderly because she’s built like a fucking dude. I was watching MTV when she broke into the industry with her abs of fucking steal and ripped dude body, and I knew then, like I know today that you can dress a dude up like a girl but that shit doesn’t make dude a girl.

Pics via Bauer

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  • Amber_Taylor

    My only question is, why is she even wearing a bra?

    She’s like an A-cup…