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Anna Faris isn’t Hot n her Shorts and Tight Shirt of the Day

I don’t understand why Anna Faris gets cast as the dumb hot chick in all the movies she gets cast in…or at least the one movie I know of that she’s been in, because following Anna Faris’ career is really something I have any interest in doing, I really don’t have any interest in much more than naked chicks and watching Oprah in McDonald’s because they were smart enough to put TVs in some locations for the elderly folk and me to feel at home drinking their dirt cheap coffee, not that I have a TV at home, but shit is pretty comfortable and a great place to pick up pussy, if grandmothers or fat 14 year old Asian dudes are your thing, since they seem to be the only ones obsessed with the shit, because she is ugly.

Pics via Fame

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  • Frank

    jeez, look at the size of those nips, no wonder she got implants. i take back every bad thing i said about her plastic titties.

  • PsyKo