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Carrie Underwood in Period Stockings of the Day

Carrie Underwood must have a heavy flow and these stockings save her from the embarassment of having period drip down her leg on national TV, because it kinda just cammoflages and absorbs the shit like it never happened and and saves her from big scale disgusting that would otherwise happen provided she was bare skinned or in light colors.

This is a little fashion tip for girls everywhere to take note of, because getting your period in white pants, shorts or bathing suits, although erotic for people who like fertile women and who find periods sexy, espeially if you’re in high school…because that’s the time of your life that getting your period will get you a nickname that follows you forever, you like “Bloody Pussy Legs” or “murder scene jean” or something more creative and funnier that the rest of the “more talented than me” class comes up with.

Pics via Bauer

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  • drunken pig

    D’ont care what you say….Im all over that!!

  • Bob Smith

    Here’s a weird one about he keyboard player’s rig:

    Why would you put a Nord (B3 emulator) on top of an actual B3?

    That’s weird stuff…

  • FGD

    They’re called pantyhose.