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Teenage Pimps and Teenage Whores Video of the Day

I was 16 in a white suburban American town and despite rumors of suburban girls in the 80s being sluts, I will tell you they were also racists and being the only Mexican out there, I wasn’t getting any pussy, even the albino bitch took work to get a hand job from and she was missing a fucking finger, so the idea of girls putting out wasn’t even in my fucking mind, it was seriously impossible, like a fucking myth that would only come true when I was a little older and I met a few easy unattractive sluts who didn’t got to my school and weren’t shy to take off the turtleneck sweater but paying for the shit with girls our age just wasn’t a fucking option….

Unfortunately, my dreams of teenage whores came crashing the fuck down halfway through the video, when I saw what the actual whores looked like, but the concept was hot in theory….I guesss….when they are bitches you wouldn’t want to fuck for free it takes away the allure…

But on a side note, the older white dude who got the cute one’s virginity for 50 bucks got a seriously good deal. Bitches sell that shit on eBay for tons of money…..

On another side note, Tyra’s investigative questions like “did you have sex with her” are fucking pornographic…Good work Tyra…

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  • HorneyLohanWanker

    Shit there must be a big market for fat underage ugly Mexican chicks.

    I would give Tiara a cool $20.00 to fuck her, but she owudl have to lose the weave and rock the red lipstick. Oh, and call me daddy.

    Bitch would earn that $20.00!

  • drunken pig

    I only paid her $10..

  • get

    That’s sad man

  • get

    Seriously it would really fuck a chick up to have her first time with some dirty old white man in the back of a truck. It would be scary.

  • Cunty Cuntall

    I wonder if she wants to recruit my Nana, she’s the best fuck I’ve ever had, apart from Mom & My Sister, and my hand of course.