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Chloe Sevigny and her Hideous Mom Ass of the Day

The best role this bitch has every been cast in was Kids, because she looks exactly like the kind of pussy who would be HIV positive. She always looks dirty, hairy and dressed like a crazy homeless person willing to bounce on your dick without a condom because she’s pretty much crazy and doesn’t know any better, but for some reason she’s been considered a fashion icon, because I guess it is impossible for her to be considered a sex symbol, you know cuz she’s ugly, but based on these mom ass pics, I can’t even imagine her being anything relevant anymore….

Pics via PacificCoastNews

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  • anony

    I’ve thought she had balls ever since she gave Vincent Gallo a hummer in The Brown Bunny.
    Aside from the ones she had in her mouth.

  • Bob Smith

    It’s a pretty good ass. Not fantastic, but pretty good.

  • Mike Nike

    That’s just cause her jeans are pulled really high. Chloe has a fantastic body and i would do her 50 ways from Sunday.

  • I saw that very same [Big Love] Peary Singleton ass this week when I watched Woody Allen’s new DVD of Whatever Works.

    Sure works for me… Since GG found a very nice and ripe long neck French pear “that’s spotless and perfect!” lying under the fallen maple leaves on that same day. She said that it must have been lying there forever.

  • drunken pig

    It’s possible I’m just intoxicated…..but looks good from here!!

  • kay

    damn. she looks hot in those mom jeans!

  • Bree

    She looks good

  • WouldhitDat

    I think the writer of this post must like boys if he thinks that is a horrible ass, what are you high? fault her for rlackimg fashion sense in her jeans wear but hideous ass? Really? Not to even mention that you can write such cruel stuff about another human being who ou do not even know says a lot about what a dick you are. bet you’d get off on knowing that she somehow read the cruel shit you put here. Thats the kind of pussy you are. You probably kick puppies too, dickweed! What a world we live in.

  • get

    She is seriously ugly though.

  • phil jett

    Are you gay? I’s\d tap that ass 10 ways to Sunday and eat a mile of her shit to get to it.

  • Frosty

    When did Roman Polanski start blogging for this site?

  • farttits

    The problem with having to be a snarky asshole about everything is that you eventually make yourself look like an idiot. Yeah ok, it’s a horrible ass because you say so. There went your credibility.

  • cowbulls

    The only thing I see wrong with that a$$ is that I haven’t sent in my periscope. Given the chance, I surely would.

  • swedishgoat

    Great! Another douchebag who calls anyone who is not mainstream a crazy-dirty-hairy-HIV positive bitch. Very original. By the way, if you have to talk shit about people, just stick with rating their asses since clearly you have no sense of comprehending what good acting is.

  • Roman Polanski has comitted a crime and he should be punished in one way or another. You cannot just forgive someone who abused an underage girl.