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Kate Hudson’s Hot Mom Ass in Tight Pants of the Day

I am loving Kate Hudson’s slutty little used up ass in these tight pants despite knowing how much cock it has seen, or that some baby has crawled out of the shit due to some ill-advised teenage pregnancy with some old man that should have ended in abortion but didn’t cuz she thought she was in love or some shit…..

None of that really matters because she’s out there taking what she feels is hers even if it belongs to some other bitch and the whole thing is all good so long as she’s wearing her tight pants….

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t really think this bitch has it going on, but thanks to the recent popularity of leggings, I’ve found myself falling in love with girls I would otherwise never notice, all thanks to their really rockin’ asses, that would have otherwise been hidden in ill-fitting jeans, cuz that’s just how ugly girls dress…

Just yesterday I was in a coffee shop and got lost staring at the ass of at least 4 ugly girls I wouldn’t have even seen because of their mangled faces, acne scars or greasy fucking hair….making tight leggings the one tool that gives all girls a fair fuckin’ chance…I mean that and willingness to take it up the ass and put it back in mouth…but whatever….just look at the pics…

Pics via INF

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  • Dieter

    I love the beautiful word’s of yours !!!!!

  • How come you could not shoot the toe?