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Heather Graham Showing Off Her Older Legs of the Day

Heather Graham may look like shit, but she will always be the fat titty big bushed pornstar in Boogie Nights to me. That Rollergirl shit lives on in both DVD and memory until the end of mankind, and it should be motivation for some of you young prude sluts who are scared of getting naked on camera or fucking on camera because your naive, malleable mind thinks it will fuck you over in terms of career and education, when in reality no one gives a shit if you get naked or fuck on camera and if it doesn’t give you a career if it gets leaked like you were Paris Hilton, shit will at least act as a time capsule you may want to reflect on one day when your old, fat and not 18 anymore. So girls, if you are reading this, take off your fucking panties and bra and pull out your digicam and get to work, because I can assure you Heather Graham watches that Boogie Night’s scene and all her other nude scenes for all her prospective lovers to let them know where those titties came from, making her seemingly far better looking than she is…..

Pics via Fame

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  • frogs66

    man…she looks fine. your an ass. Such a slop of a writer. You write like a pimpled face 14 yr old, angst filled ugly and trying hard to shock. I have a feeling no woman ever dropped her panties in your midst. (added by Mobile using Mippin)

  • Man you are a douche. Heather is fine. Why dont you whip off your panties… You write like a pimpled oily juvenile…who wishes he had a girl instead of a fuck it attitude. (added by Mobile using Mippin)

  • IWouldHitIt

    Damn, I’d hit it if the oppertunity came up, but then again I don’t know that she’d be interested in em.

  • drunken pig

    James Woods said she “rocked his world”……wish she would rock mine!!