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Rebecca Gayheart The Baby Killer Makin’ Babies of the Day

I am sure I am not legally allowed to call Rebecca Gayheart a baby killer because she got off for running over that kid, but she still ran over a fucking kid. I am sure she’s also had numerous abortions over the last decade after having random sex with people in hopes of advancing her career, but I don’t have proof of it and can probably get sued for saying tha and I don’t hold Abortions against girls, if anything I celebrate the shit, cuz there’s nothing worse than unwanted pregnancy, especially when I being called the dad, but more often than not, even if I do knock up whores, they go to the richer, more accomplished dudes they are fucking and claim shit is his, which is one of the benefits of being a total hurtbag.

I love abortions so much that I have caught myself dreaming of being an abortion doctors mainly because seeing used teen pussy is amazing, but you have to go through years of medical school, and I’ve come to terms with the fact that I am just too drunk and too stupid for that, so instead I have to back alley that shit for real desperate girls

I’m doing this Rebecca Gayheart baby watch because I assume Karma will get back at her for being involved in running over a kid, even if it was the kid’s fault, so to date the pregnancy seems normal but I’ll keep you posted if a crazed mother of the kid she ran over pushes her down the stairs out of spite, or if God makes the shit come out retarded….

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