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Kim Kardashian and Her Pillow of the Day

I wonder if Kim Kardashian travels with her pillow because she realizes how boring she is and even she can’t stomach spending time with herself. Or maybe she’s traveling with her pillow because it reminds her of her doughy sisters she is accustomed to traveling with. Or maybe this pillow is her lucky charm she takes everywhere with her, you know the same pillow she used in her sex tape with Ray J, the same pillow she smothered her fat face into when she was getting her fat ass stuffed by black cock from behind, the same pillow that gave her the career and celebrity she has today, a pillow she’s holding onto with her life like she is with her career, because she knows her time is limited and that her and her pillow have gone through so much and gone so far humilating her famil before recruiting them into her tacky success together that maybe they’ve got another push still in them…..and she’s not willing to let go to find out if her pillow really is a lucky charm to see if she can do it without her pillow…she’s gonna just keep things status quo until the whole Kardashian thing fizzles up into the pile of shit it clearly is…

Pics via Fame

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  • Drunken Pig

    She use’s the pillow to kneel on in the planes washroom…whilst giving some random black dude skull !!

  • HorneyLohanWanker

    She would need a pillow after I got done tearing her ass up.

  • ma

    this chick is such a boring no talent hack.

  • cowbulls

    I’d wear her like a football helmet.

  • Anon

    well said

  • Satan666


  • @DrunkenPig Shoot she needed the pillow because I fuckin made her beg for some more white dick.

  • Amber_Taylor

    “…she knows her time is limited…”

    Not limited enough I’m afraid.

    Fat piss whore…

  • Al

    It’s probably the pillow she uses to lift her ass for ass fucking from Reggie.

  • Expletive:BMP

    o my god, o my god, o my god, kim needs do nothing and remains sexy, i love kim, i wanna have her babies, honestly, just let her squirt her dna in me and i’m making babies.