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Mariah Carey Cleavage in Concert of the Day

I think Mariah Carey’s tits would be more impressive if they weren’t attached to a set of seriously broad fucking shoulders…..you know the only thing that impresses me about fat girl tits is when those fat girl tits are small and that only impresses me on a scientific level because it makes no fucking sense to me why her entire body can be so big, but the one thing you want to have big, as small and awkward looking, because they still have the same shitty sag and shape as fat girl tit cuz they are still fat girl tits just scaled down….not that you care.

Pics via LFI

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  • Drunken Pig

    I totally agree!!…how can a chick (not this bitch) be fat and still have small tits??…Freaks of nature I guess??…hits close to home for me…was seeing this chick awhile back…she had small tits..but compensated it with a very nice body/face and could suck a dick like a hoover deluxe!!…I finally let her move in(mistake)…as like most women when they think they have you locked-up…she gained 30 pounds and started expressing an opinion…so to expidite her leaving I killed her cat…where was I…oh ya…In gaining the weight…her little tits stayed the same size…WHAT THE FUCK!!

  • Emily

    You two are both A-holes. I’d love to see the quality of bimbos you two manage to find. I’m sure they’re lovely. It’s obvious they wouldn’t have any standards whatsoever.

  • Eric Draven

    Fat or not, they’re not real. Mariah’s has implants. She’ll go to her grave denying it, but it’s been obvious for quite some time.

  • i totaly agree with eric those are the only things that won’t deflate when she diesthey’ll still be as perky as ever!