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Nancy O’Dell is My Inspiration of the Day

Nancy O’Dell is the reason I even know what celebrity gossip is. She’s really the mentor who I’ve never met who has guided me and inspired me to get into this world in the firt place.

I even wrote a poem about her:

Nancy O’Dell
When you got pregnant
I feared your pussy
would go to hell
but it didn’t
good deal

It’s a work in progress and I’ve never written a poem before but that’s just want Nancy O’Dell does to me..I’m bullshitting, nothing but laziness inspired me to get into this shit and I don’t even know if what I do counts as being in “celebrity gossip”, since I never leave my couch in Canada and because I think Hollywood is a disgusting pool of the lowest quality, insecure people no one cares about in the world, but I have always thought Nancy O’Dell was seriously worth fucking, making celebrity gossip almost tolerable back when I had a TV and she wore cleavage shirt…..so here are some recent pics of her, she looks like old plastic shit, but that makes her good enough for me….and in turn, good enough for you.

Pics via PacificCoastNews

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  • yawn

    stop smiling ya fucking cunt

  • Expletive:BMP

    she’s awesome, i guess since i’m feeling incredibly depressed and fucking nonchalant, not to mention listless trivial and fucking odd—but just a few hours ago i was relatively happy and feeling giddy. Therefore, in the spirit of my previous good feelings which has eluded me today, i wish i had her vajayjay next to me to deeply inhale and to chew on, to chase the morbid bad feelings away—fuck i need vodka!!!

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