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Hayden Panettiere is Boring of the Day

Hayden Panettiere is clearly the worst circus freak around. Most midgets know their place in the world and get up in the Carni life, where they learn to either be shot out of cannons, or feed the lions, or if they are lucky they become the ringmaster and run the whole fucking show, but instead of embracing that life, she lived the spoiled brat who needs her Hollywood actor mom to hook her up with gigs cuz she felt sorry for making such a fucked up kid with her coke-up uterus….and the whole thing is far more boring that seeing her spit fire, eat swords or do anything of any real substance or talent….here are the pics.

Pics via PacificCoastNews

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  • HornyLohanWanker

    Boring doesn’t do her justice. Paris Hilton is boring. Haden pantaires is just fucking boring.

    Hard ot masturbate to anything with this midget in.

  • Drunken Pig

    I don’t understand (nor care) why you guys hate on this tramp so much??..put her in her cheer-leader outfit and let me at her…Id amuse myself for hours violating the bitch!!

  • oscar

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  • Imtheloserbehindyou

    My friend told me a nice place betweenhadenpantairesbuttcheeks. He said it’s a place whre successful men and women reside in the hopes of finding my sloppy seconds.


    My friend told me a nice place Imtheloserbehindyouisgay.com. It’s a place where gay men discuss celebs. The End.

  • Bob Smith

    “put her in her cheer-leader outfit ”

    Not worth the effort. Bleech.

  • Melba

    Why are people always calling her boring and a brat? Because she doesn’t make sex tapes or cause public scandals? Is there something I’m missing here-help me out.

  • Bob Smith


    First of all, I love your toast.

    What you’re missing is this is a very average girl who is convinced she’s the sexiest girl in Hollywood, and is very cunty in that viewpoint.

    You, on the other hand, I find very fascinating, provided you are over 18. If not, then kid, get the hell out of here.

  • G.A.S.H


    I love your peach more.

    As for this badly-proportioned former tv star – let’s forget about her please? She was never really good looking, her show is bombing, her pained attempts at relevance are getting tiresome.

  • nunya

    average looking troll

  • Melba

    Well I still love Heroes, regardless.