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Corey Feldman and Some Short Skirt of the Day

Corey Feldman reminds us all that no matter how much of loser you may look like you are, if you have a career as a child star everyone loved 20 years ago, when you dominated the 80s and the teen pop magazines pedophiles jerk off to, you still find some low level, slutty enough, short skirt wearing pussy to give you the time of day, and by time of day I mean dirty fucking sex, because dating you is a hell of a lot more fun than hanging on your co-worker at Subway couch watching him and his friends play videogames and beer pong, cuz you know you’re far more premium than that….whore.

Pics via PacificCoastNews

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  • oscar

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  • brian Miller

    Wow shes hot way to go corey!

  • Drunken Pig

    Corey loved hanging out with MJ….drinking “jesus juice” and playing bed-time games!!

  • nunya



    Anyone who hangs out with Micheal the freak Jackson and bobo his incredible monkey has to be a real suave mother fucker. Corey got his balls sucked and lubed at jacko’s house and prob had bobo suck them a few times too, for good measure.

    Now from all those Neverland adventures Corey has become a man, Corey has finally grown some hair on his balls and has a prostitute on his arm. Fellas that is the way to go, a tender piece of trash to cum on, that you own like a piece of luggage.

    This is a bud light man of year moment award for a new candidate into the man club. We always knew he could make it in, but never knew if he had the potential too.

    Open a cold brewski for Corey and his true man of genius award,

    Humm the song you faggots, a true man of genius

    Way to go Corey, Way to go, you have finally gotten out of the Seth green club and now have joined the male species.

  • Reggie

    Way to go Corey