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Adrianne Curry Shows Off How Flexible She is of the Day

You may not remember who Adrianne Curry is because she’s pretty much a fucking nobody who was on TV 10 years ago for some Next Top Model, Surreal Life and Very Brady Wedding…because she “fell in love” with one of the dude on the Brady Bunch….not that her history really matters…I was just tyring to let you know why I was posting this in case you thought I turned the site completely into pictures of everyday girls trying to be sexy and get noticed because no one has given her a big break yet…which isn’t a horrible idea for a site since millions of girls want to get noticed…but I’m lazy…and convincing girls I can help them is too time consuming since dealing with girls is like dealing with trying to change a retarded kids diaper…it’s tedious…

That said, here’s a picture this trash posted on Twitter, because those 40,000 people are all she has left these days, and I’d message her to tell her how ugly, useless and un appealing wrapping her foot behind her balding fucked up face is, but she blocked me….cuz all the low level pussy block me cuz they take themselves way too seriously…so don’t let this picture make you think she’s all sponaneous and fun, or even a circus performer worth fucking…it’s all strategic to brain wash you into remembering her…and giving her another chance despite the fact that she’s ugly….

I used to have a girl who did this shit naked for me…it was like a little circus performer and coulda been exciting if her pussy wasn’t so meaty and didn’t look like she was some kind of alien trying to eat me….making me happy this big headed curry has pants on…despite my love for pussy…cuz it just doesn’t look write in this stance…

I’ve wrote way too much on this ugly bitch, I don’t know why, but the good news it is as boring as she is…

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  • Drunken PIG

    I remember this chick…she’s a drunken headcase!!..the kind of girl you take behind a dumpster after last call to ravage ’cause you don’t want her to know where you live!!

  • juanhunglow

    jesus i love you man and i usually agree w/you. but not on this one,she may be an attention whore but i wanna knock the bottom out of ot soooo badly.

  • Bitchie McSnit

    The picture reveals her hair is thinning at her top hairline, she is balding…who is she?

  • well, peter brady did good for himself w/ her. but yea, trying for any kind of attention. She’s no coco.

  • Snoopy

    I’d hit it, but would avoid this crazy bitch if I saw her out in public.

  • Sam

    I’m gonna go ahead and say a girl 10 times less attractive than adrianne wouldnt touch any of you with a ten foot pole. How does this picture make her a whore? I dont see cleavage, legs…nothing!

    as for her underground, it was on full display in her playboy issue, and looked dandy to me

  • ULV

    Super dorky and a bitch to boot.

  • nunya

    Sam you need to get laid by a real women, blow up sheep don’t count.

    FYI with the amount of photoshop they use on playboy even Pamela Anderson looks fucking great and that says a lot.

  • Drunken PIG

    Sam…we are all not you….jerking off in mommys basement with a fist full of crisco!!

  • Expletive:BMP

    Adrianne Curry is a sweety pie, a most awesome sweety pie, and that short dude from the brady bunch, jason something, any who, what’s his face got to fuck this awesome bit of cunny on the regular, my goodness how fortunate he is.

  • Rebecca

    You are so fucking offensive and misogynistic, but I swear, everythink you say is TRUE and dead-on. This bitch is ugly and useless.