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Coco’s Got a Retarded Ass of the Day

Coco’s ass is on another level of ass. It’s like shit is it’s own person or some shit, like her syamese twin who didn’t fully develop. It’s got it’s own name, it’s own cellphone, it’s own preference in restaurants and meals and a mind of it’s own that only Coco can communicate with because it’s mouth only spits out shit.

Coco used to be jealous of all the attention she got, but decided to embrace it and make it work for her…like she had been doing with her vagina all these years….cuz she’s that kind of woman….

So I may not understand this shit or find this shit hot…but it’s definitely something worth exploring on a scientific level, like make a fucking Discovery Channel show on the shit, because I want to know the story behind this and I want to know what’s really going on here….

Pics via Fame

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  • Expletive:BMP

    Regardless of her Ass’s evolution from flat ordinary buttocks to full ripe awesome ASS, i’d still bury my head between it’s lovers cleft and blow bubbles in her brown spot, true story.

  • Bob Smith

    I guess that just proves there’s someone for everybody.

  • nunya

    I fucking hate this ugly bitch and her enormous ass.

  • Fester Right

    It’s a fucking dude, man!!

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