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Funny Gay Fighter at a Chicago Public Aid Office of the Day

I don’t really know what’s going on here or what instigated this fight, but I can only assume it was something gay, like maybe the dude told the other dude he didn’t look good in heels, or that he was not going to be the next J.Lo and he went fuckin insane and showed him that despite how limp a motherfucker’s wrist is, if they are from the ghetto, they know how to fuckin’ react proper and not with their dick sucking ability but with their pent up anger…and years of having to defend themselves from the less gay friendly people in the housing projects….

The ultimate fuck you to the dude who got beat down by the psycho queen, is when the brawling homo does a little dance like he’s on fucking broadway before being kicked out….I can here the dude who got beat down’s balls fold into a fucking into a vagina with every dance step…this is too nuts to be real.

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