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Ashley Olsen Shows Off Some Leg of the Day

Remember when the Olsen twins were all the fucking rage. It was like every teenage girl idolized these girls and thought they were the hottest, most interesting person in the world. I am not sure if it was their fashion sense or the fact they made hundreds of millions of dollars with shitty quality kids movies, or maybe that the world had a twin fetish, because fucking two of the same girl at the same time is hot enough to neglect what the pussy actually looks like, you know it’s one of those “Bucket List” things you have to make sacrifices to make happen, and decent twins became hot and half retarded siamese twins became good enough because our choices were limited…..But I am sure that they definitely don’t have it going on anymore, not that they ever did, but I’m hoping the rest of the public see that and least based on these pictures and I can’t imagine any stupid teen girl, or treasure troll fan idolizing them anymore and as far as I am concerned the Olsen Twin fetish is done…

Here is Ashley Olsen making her way out of hibernating the last few years to show off some pretty boring leg.

Pics via Bauer

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  • Drunken Pig

    These two troll’s have been re-named the Oxy-twin’s..word is one of them gave pill’s to that gay cowboy the night he died..by no mean’s are they hot or sexy..but their rich..and Im not..doing them both would be a novelty..and lead to bragging right’s..so count me in!!

  • Him

    Shut up.
    Let the people in peace, respect its there. You can think, but it is not necessary to criticize them as you do.

  • Not Him

    wtf? where do you think you are? it’s the fucking INTERNET him… it’s to post dumb shit like this and make dumb comments anomalously douchebag

  • wrecked ’em

    Which one of these evil spawns killed Heath Ledger? Oops, too soon?

  • blank

    I thik they both did, can’t trust trolls.

  • youguysarefags

    these girls are straight up disgusting…they got no tits, no ass and you see her legs suck.

  • youguysarefags

    wait i forgot that is the kind of girl you dorks think is a sex symbol