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Lake Bell Gives You a Taste of How She Made it in America of the Day

I was expecting this clip to be a lot more breast, because when I first saw it from a distance, I thought her bra was just her bare pink tits and figured since this show is like a poor version of Entourage and it is on HBO, that was created by the same people as Entourage, there would be some fuckin’ nipple, since everyone knows people trying to make it in the world, who haven’t already made it in the world, are usually willing to fuck guys they think will help them get to where they are going…I don’t care how wholesome the bitch is, girls are drawn to power, money and justify fucking the boss as something legit, when really it’s clearly for life advancement….

I was going to say that Lake Bell sucked dick to the top and this was a glimpse into how she made it, but then I hit up her Wikipedia and realize that she’s still a work in progress and hasn’t quite hit as big as she possibly can, so I assume there is a lot more suckin’ in her…

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  • Drunken Pig

    Well I can’t help her career…so I guess a blow-job is out of the question??

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