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Adrianne Curry Does Boring Twitter Ass Pics of the Day

Girls, take a quick lesson from this trash famewhore loser Adrianne Curry. She had 50,000 twitter followers at one point. They were probably people who couldn’t let go of her after she faded into obscurity, kinda like the 40 year old women who cried when Corey Haim died, only far more irrelevant….

But she realized, like she did after she did Playboy that if she whores out any integrity she may have had before she got addicted to the cameras and gets naked, people will notice…and her efforts have landed her a sold 15,000 perverts hoping for late night drunken pussy pics…

The whole thing….is so fucking boring…but she now has 75,000 followers….

Pics via PacificCoastNews

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  • Expletive:BMP

    she’s fascinating enough to be counted jerk-worthy, but prickly enough to be contested bitchy, I think I like this.

  • beavis

    I’m down with her, the Peter Brady thing puts me off, but she is still hot and obviously freaky.

  • glorias

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  • ken

    You know she took 1000 photos of herself prior to these 3,
    all while Peter Brady was away at “work” of course.

  • roscoe

    like her sort of smart and freakness plus she has an amazing ass

  • Your an ignorant prude there is no need for your mean spirited jealous self righteous nonsense if she is of her own free will expressing her freedom to peruse activities of living that bring her happiness we live in a country that promises to allow her that choice and if 75000 as you say enjoy watching her do so than she dose not need you to advertise for her p.s. you just told the world that 7500 individuals disagree with your narrow mined blather lol

  • ps thank you i never heard of her before 😉