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Sienna Miller in Shorts of the Day

We’ve all seen Sienna Miller’s hipster “UK Fashion Scene” bush in various movie roles. We’ve also seen her hot tits. We’ve seen her destroy marriages and we’ve seen her living the party life with a wide array of cock….We’ve also seen her fade into obscurity. We’ve seen the world stop caring about her…and we’ve seen that she’s actually a dirty ratty lookin’ bitch and not actually hot…and now we’re seeing her in jean shorts with Jude Law, because I guess they are the perfect couple for each other and understand each other because they both have the same stupid accent and they both made it in America according to what America thinks making it in America is….and who the fuck really cares…apparently I do because I just wrote this…but I shouldn’t and either should you…

Pics via Bauer

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  • Drunken Pig

    Jude Law is a gear box..and my ball’s should be slapping-off this bitches chin!!

  • Nice. Very nice. But I hate dudes who cross their legs while wearing shorts.

  • Perv

    Even though her cunt has no uncharted territory left, I would still fuck that hard.

  • Geronimofo

    I sat behind her on a plane a few years ago and she had the greasiest hair I’ve ever seen and Jesus is right – she’s not actually hot.