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Kelly Ripa Plays with Balls of the Day

I used to jerk off to Kelly Ripa on the morning show. Then my TV broke. So I’d go to McDonald’s where they have free TVs and I’d watch her and I’d jerk off in the bathroom, but then I realized that it wasn’t Kelly Ripa that was turning me on, but the shape of my Egg McMuffin was and now I don’t jerk off to her at all. She’s old, has too many kids and looks like shit and here she is playing with balls, at least the only balls I really want to see her bony hand playing with, because she’s a fucking monster…

Pics via Fame

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  • Drunken Pig

    Don’t let this demonic stuck-up bitches small stature fool you..a cube-van could fit between those slat’s with ease!!..watching her get dry-fucked in the ass would be a pleasure!!

  • Bob Smith

    I think she’d be dynomite in the sack. A little body that won’t quit, her vagine would suck the spunk right out of you.

  • Oh My…. looks like her hands are busy…. but she still has not figured how to hold it right yet… maybe she needs more practice.

  • I used to jerk off to Kelly and Kathie every day.