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Jenna Jameson Gets Beat the Fuck Up of the Day

Pornstars and UFC fighters are some of the classier people in society. They are the equivalent of poor white trash that managed to make a ton of money fighting and fucking, until finding each other and starting a family, and like all poor white trash families, daddy has to put mommy in her place every once in a while.

The story is they accused each other of cheating on each other, because when you’re a pornstar people assume you’re a slut and when you’re a UFC fighter people assume you fuck trashy chicks to compensate for the fact that rolling around in spandex panties with other dudes is how they make their living, and the whole thing is only sad because I wasn’t there living in her Garage like ALF in the reality show I pitched to her on Twitter a few weeks ago….cuz she’s my new internet girlfriend…and based on today…possibly the future mother to my new set of stepkids….GOODTIMES….

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  • cockgoblin

    one of the more brilliant posts ive read today.

  • Drunken Pig

    Hand’s down your best work to date…well done you greasy spic!!


    That shit was a fucking horrible post, I blame the public school system.

    Punctuation Marks in English Langauge : how to use a PERIOD

    The Period is the simplest punctuation mark. It is simply used to mark the end of a complete sentence that is neither interrogative nor exclamatory.


    After every sentence conveying a complete meaning: “Birds fly.” “Plants grow.” “Man is mortal.”

    In abbreviations: after every abbreviated word: Rt. Rev. T. C. Alexander, D.D., L.L.D.

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  • Drunken Pig

    A fist is used,to punch your face!!

  • Mustafa

    First off you have no right to talk about fighters like that. BTW your beloved Jenna has issued a statement that Ortiz did not beat her up. Asshole. The only white trash I see here is you.