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Courtney Love Seduces Me with Her Gutter See Thru of the Day

I thought these pictures of Courtney Love were of her gutter tits. I didn’t realize she was wearing a bar and I figure I’ll post the shit, despite how fucking haggard and disgusting the bitch is, partially because of her her contribution to pop culture by killing off Kurt Cobain, something that you may be sad happned because you are a loser, but gives annoying 35 year old twats stuck in the past something to talk about when they run into other annoying 35 year old twats who were so influenced by dude’s contribution to their lives…you know with posters to put on their wall, t-shirts to wear and conversations to have every time a Nirvana song comes up on the radio which wouldn’t have happened if Cobain survived Grunge like he was Eddie Veder or other losers people don’t remember exist anymore…but also because I got nothing else going on….

Pics via Fame

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  • Drunken Pig

    She killed Kurdt because he was gonna leave the cunt..offed him for the $$..Ps..spell-check dickweed!!

  • roscoe

    looks like Joan Rivers