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Brooke Hogan is Still a Useless Pig of the Day

Brooke Hogan is not just a joke, but she’s also a monster like her dad…and maybe that’s why he wants to fuck her…because he sees himself in her…and anyone that tanned and jacked up…probably loves themselves a lot…and wanting his daughter cuz she is the female version of him just makes sense…it’s masturbation….but to the rest of the world..she’s fucking scary…but not as scary as the era when she was on TV or when she was launching her music career…which was a serious fucking joke, so it’s nice to see her gutter ass back on the streets of Florida trashin’ it up like she was destined to do and if she’s lucky, she may get a segment on this season’s Jersey Shore…a serious match made in white trash heaven…

I am posting these for old times and new titties.

Pics via Bauer

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  • suckadick

    the first pic in the set where shes walking down the side walk, she looks actually pretty fuckable. are you sure this is brooke hogan?

  • Bob Bowie

    Such a cruel fate has befallen Hulk Hogan’s children.

    The girl is HUGE, and the boy is little midget. If only it had been the other way around, the son could have been a wrestler like the Hulkster, and the daughter would have looked less manly.

  • She is stunning… nice big breasts, blonde hair, curvy body… nice mouth. Your fucked in the head if you don’t think she is attractive. Just because she doesn’t have a lick of talent doesn’t make her anything but a talentless hottie… she is one of my favorite BBW-NFS’s

  • stfu

    She can be the next Chyna…what a fucking beast!

  • Burt

    What’s wrong with Brooke??? She may not be a beauty queen, but is she actually ugly?? I ask you. wouldn’t you be a happy camper if you could take ol’ Brooke to bed?? Again, she ain’t ugly!!!!


    Burt you little gay Hulkamaniac, dont forget the lube and steroid pills.

  • Bob Smith

    who’s the guy with tits?

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