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Lisa Rinna Shows Off Her Mom Nipples in a Tight Shirt of the Day

I dont’ really know what’s wrong with me – but I fixated on old pussy today. I think I’m trying to distract the FBI from my early morning / late night Miley Cyrus video unintentially because I’m convinced that a pantsless Miley is some kind of trap and this is the only way to divert, so what better way to show the world how much I love hags, cuz I do love all pussy, by posting a little Lisa Rinna hard nipple, even if those nipples are only a couple years old thanks to plastic surgery, or what Lisa RInna likes to call “the only thing that makes her feel alive”……

Pics via Fame

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  • Pee Smell

    Alot of nerve talking about tits when that Adult Friend Finder ad to the left has the most deformed fake tits I have ever seen in my life. One nip is pointing straight up, and the other straight down and they look like soup bowls attached to her chest.

  • Bob Smith

    I think she would be like butter when you fuck her.