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Sophie Monk and her Nipples Aren’t Totally Useless of the Day

A hooker once told me that you have to cherish the moments of glory….not realizing that when I chose her becuase she was 50 dollars for anything I wanted….I wasn’t at a moment of fucking glory…I was actually at rock bottom and wanted to have my way with a cunt to feel alive…not that it worked….I wasn’t paying for a fucking philosopher or words of wisdom but here I am 20 years later reference that night….maybe it was glorious in retrospect…I mean I know it is better than the hell I live now….and that rock bottom became an even deeper rock bottom you didn’t think was possible….but I digress….

Here’s Sophie Monk following that hooker’s lead…making me think maybe that hooker grew up to be Sophie Monk’s mom but more likely she is dead in a ditch….but I digress….

Because the point of this is to say she’s cherishing the last gig she got…I mean who walks around with their accomplishments, not that being a cover girl on a magazine I’ve never heard of is an accomplishment, but to someone who does nothing and wants nothing more than to run the fucking industry, it’s a stepping stone to keep her going….and I guess she knows that the magazine no one has heard of will sell itself, so but if she walks around with hard nipples, holding the obscure magazine, a lot of people will see it…she is her number one fan….but more importantly, that was the deal the magazine made with her when they agreed to let her be the cover girl so long as she got them noticed….

Deperation is not a sexy thing…but it can lead to sexy things….That’s the life lesson of the day

Pics via PacificCoastNews

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  • Drunken Pig

    A pic of my splooge dripping off her face onto those hospital issue tits would be a nice touch!!

  • KH

    Lame post on a lame site…

  • Bonzo

    Is she carrying the magazine around to show people who have no fucking idea who she is?