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Eva Mendes Shitty Workout Gear of the Day

I am one of the many people who like seeing Eva Mendes in movies because she always gets naked and has great tits while doing it, but I guess like a typical spic stripper, she likes to leave work and spend her days off in the biggest pair of sweatpants her drug dealing black boyfriend can buy her, cuz she figures she doesn’t need to sex shit up if she’s not getting paid and unlike the average girl who likes looking good, hot, or tight bodied, she gets all the in the form of men throwing 10 dollars a song at her, only in Eva Mendes’ case, she’s making a lot more than 10 dollars a song, even if that’s all her work is worth, but you can’t blame her for that…but you can blame Hollywood…

There no reason she should ever think going out and working out dressed like this is appropriate…bitch needs to give us a little more…cuz I’m sure there’s a raft or empty truck container filled with immigrants ready to do her job…who may even be coming to America because they saw that she made it…and she’s letting us all down.

Pics via Fame

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  • Joe

    Stupid cunt.
    Let’s snort more coke while you’re pregnant, bitch.