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Kate Hudson’s Little Implants of the Day

I don’t know about this Kate Hudson implant bullshit. I mean it would make sense because she’s aging weird and tits are a great distraction from face and since she was always flat chested as fuck, implants were the only solution, but if she did get implants, they are probably the smallest fucking implants ever implanted in a bitch, you know implants from the cancer ward for girls who had their boobs amputated but wanted to come home with the same small bra size, not implants made to distract from a bitch’s face, I mean look at these pictuers, her arm is thicker than her tits and she’s wearing a bra, something no girls with implants do, so I’m going to say if she got implants it was a waste of money like the stripper I knew who got implants and died from an infection 3 days later before ever putting them to use…..and here she is filming one of her shitty movies…..

Pics via Fame

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  • Drunken Pig

    Cum-guzzling whore love’s the cock!!

  • Pencil Dick

    If this pan faced dog didn’t have that leathery old hag Goldie for a mother do you think she’d be making shitty movies and fucking faggy old musicians?

  • Bob Smith

    Her mom was actually hot. She only every look good because she’s always had the money to pay to keep her looking attractive.

  • ken

    Her body more matronly looking now.