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Adrianne Curry Continues to Try To Get More Twitter Followers of the Day

I hate this very Brady latch on cunt. I don’t think she’s hot. I don’t like her body. I am not impressed with her fake tits or her 5 minutes of fame she had back when reality TV first started polluting our lives making her one of the first official bottom feeding attention whore cunts….

Well the world forgot about her, cuz her existence is insignificant and she never had an actual career, so she’s taken to posting her sloppy America’s Next Top Model body, 15 season’s too late, cuz I guess photoshoots didn’t come with that title so she’s had to do it herself…all trying to get twitter followers…cuz she’s hopin’ this will give her a second chance to humilate herself and embarrass herself to a nation for little return.

She’s fucking garbage….and she knows it and has gone so far as trying to tell me off and she blocking me on twitter months ago cuz she doesn’t like hearing the truth.

Here are those desperate pics for a desperate and ugly pussy….it is safe to say a sex tape is coming…but I never understand why the sex tape never comes at the time it should …but always comes a decade too late….and who really fuckin cares…

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  • Drunken Pig

    What??..have you gone Queer ‘O sexual??..well worth some piston-pumping action!!..but hit the bitch then run..she’s fucking insane!!

  • Imtheloserbehind

    Basicly she’s a hooker using twiter. She’s just looking to get enough stalkers to follow her and then get paid by ad firms. She’s should tell her stalkers to go down to the gulf and clean up the oil spill and she will give them all free blowjobs. That spill would be gone in a week. I see Twitter going down and these other social sites when on of these stalkers finally kills someone semi famous.

    P.S. I would bang her hard.

  • Yep, just another hooker using Twitter. I would also bang her hard. Very hard.

  • roscoe

    decent booty

  • beavis

    Seriously, make me a Curry-Patridge sandwich. I don’t give a fuck, call me loco.

  • Manny

    She the “white trashiest” chick I have ever seen but it doesn’t mean shes not sexy. I love that shes craves validation and attention. I would pound that until my dick fell off.

  • ern

    adrianne curry will and always be hot, hot as in …..PPPPPPSSSSSSTTTT HOT ! well she might not be star but she’s not like those sell their pussy every where, like lohan, hilton ETC. they will cross that thin red line just to gain popularity, these women even i see them on clothes i still see them naked, those who comes clean like kim kardasian, wow i now know how her pussy looks like and how her pussy struts, her ass had gain quite a reputation but her pussy is more. KIM KARDASIAN LOVES HUGE DICKS, IF YOU DON’T HAVE ONE, WELL,ON KIM KARDASIAN EYES….YOU DON’T EXISTS. all i can say is miss adrianne curry is gorgeous and i don’t know, maybe she’s kind too but one day she will pose for SPORTS ILLUSTRATED.

  • Greezelet

    Fuck you fatty. I don’t know who she was, but those pics are nice. Maybe you should try harder to repress the bitter fagget hiding under the fat rolls.

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