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Taylor Momsen is the Teen in Lingerie of the Day

The new trend seems to be these teenage girls dressing totally inappropriate and I’m not really complaining. I think the Kiddie Porn laws are dated, mainly because girls who are 16 or 17 already masturbate, fuck, get naked, manipulate men, seduce men, go to clubs, get high, and do all the things above 18 year old girls do, so we might as well celebrate that beautiful thing, instead of punish it and say it is bad. They have bodies, they get bikini waxes, it’s not that creepy or wrong for dudes to get off to the shit, but for some reason the FBI thinks it is….I get that there needs to be a cut off date to regulate the shit, otherwise there will be a free for all of kids getting abused and taken advantage of, but I think they need to re-work the one they chose to go with driving license and not with voting….but the law they really need to re-think is that drinking age is 21…what the fuck is that all about…you guys are seriously all fucked up…and here is Taylor Momsen, a product of that fucked up shit…pullin’ a Miley….cuz teenage girls are sluts and the fun thing about them is that they don’t even have to be good looking to be hot…the fact that they are underage over rides that shit….

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  • HornyLohanWanker

    Smoke more bitch, rock that red lipstick and barber-pole my cock as you are blowing smoke on my balls.

    I would cum so hard into her, it would internally bruise her.

  • HB

    I don’t think you know at all what 16 and 17 year old girls do.

  • T

    I’m always amazed at the statements men make about young women. Wonder if you guys would feel the same way if it were your own daughter. Want your daughter to dress and act like a ho? Want your 16 or 17 year old to “fuck, get naked, manipulate men, seduce men, go to clubs, get high” ? Think about it.

  • spaghetti

    Just listened to Taylor Momsen’s music on youtube for the first time. WHAT THE FUCK DO YOU KNOW ABOUT PUNK OR EVEN GRUNGE YOU STUPID FUCKING RICH GIRL you need to sing some happy pop music bitch and stop trying to be a fucking rebel leave that shit to the people with souls who have actually experienced the hardships of society FAKE POSER I swear bitch when my band gets famous I am going to call you the fuck out

  • MischaBartonsRottingCorpse

    This is to T: If that was my daughter dressed like that, acting like that, and LOOKING like that, I would wait until Mother went to bed before choking her 17 yr old ass the fuck out and fucking her cold body. Then I would revive her and make her wear daddy’s cum in her hair. I would smash her fuckface apart with the Dr Seuss books we used to read together. Then I would blow a hole in her abdomen with my AngerCum and go to sleep satisfied. Hope this helps!

  • Just George

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  • HornyLohanWanker, you pervert…You disgust me