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Lisa Rinna Hard Nipples of the Day

I know that 90 percent of this bitch is plastic, but as long as she has hard nipples I am ok with that, even if those nipples were after market and made from the fat they pulled out off her thighs, or that they transplanted from some South American mother of 12 who needed some money, it doesn’t matter to me, cuz I am the kind of guy who gets hard when an old lady gets caught in the rain and the nipples on those saggy tits that have seen the world a few times over and by world I mean a lot of semen, get hard…cuz I don’t care what they belong to, I just care that they are there and thanks to Lisa Rinna and her old body, not because she proves that despite all studies, plastic does degrade but because her nipples are hard…and that’s good enough for me…

Pics via Fame

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  • HornyLohanWanker

    Dats what I am talking about! her nipples are finally bigger than her lips.

    Those are playthings, made for my amusement and nothing else.

    Come here bitch.

  • Bob Smith

    Nice MILF material. Those are well used tits, the nipples are proof of that.

  • hero
  • Bob Smith


    I don’t mind you pushing page views, but the site you send people to insists on turning off adblock.

    I don’t want to see a dried up cunt that much.

    However, if you turn off javascript, you can see it without viewing the ads.

    CPALEAD will be crushed like everyone else.