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Anna Faris and Chris Evans Naked on Set of the Day

They are saying these pictures of Anna Faris on set are of a body double, but I don’t think Anna Faris is the caliber of actor pussy that gets a body double in the budget, you know since her career is based on her being the talentless chick they hire cuz guys want to fuck her, the hot chick who can’t act but who has good cleavage and looks like a pornstar who “got away”, and really who cares who the pictures are of, there’s a naked flat ass pulling down her panties and that always works for me no matter who is doing it whether bitch is awake, asleep, alive or not….

To See the Rest of the Pictures – Follow This Link

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  • Joe

    Body Double Faris has a bigger butt and a Irish nose

  • Joe Nobody

    She got good cleavage after the full body makeover. Hell, in Scary Movie2 they made fun of the ape titties she had.

  • Taz

    This is fine with me

  • Female Fan

    I’m a girl and I’ve always really liked Anna Faris! I think she is really funny and not afraid to make a fool of herself. I was a bit disappointed when she got a boob job- and now this? 🙁