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Lara Bingle in a Bikini of the Day

Lara Bingle is the body of Speedo from Australia who I have never heard of. but who has apparently stirred up a lot of fucking shit, because like other low level famous pussy, she gets mad when people post her pictures when she doesn’t look her best, so she sues them….and she only likes when people post her staged pictures like the ones from the 4th of July, where bitch is pretending to care about the USA, despite being from fuckin’ Australia and clearly only cares about the USA to get work, make money and live the dream, and there’s nothing more that I hate about pussy than when it acts like this kind of fake shit…that people actually buy into….except maybe for when these fame hungry cunts sue even though we’re giving them free publicity they need to reach their drema life of fame…something they clearly aren’t qualified for cuz they cry with lawsuits when people are mean to them along the way…useless…

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  • Drunken Pig

    As long as a bitch looks like that and has three hole’s..I would’nt call her useless!!

  • Imtheloserbehindyou

    Love to hear her yelp and moan with her ozzy accent as she’s double banged.

  • cowbulls

    I agree with DP. Any woman that looks that good and has three holes can be very useful. Even than frozen fish Aniston is better than using your hand.

  • Bob Smith

    That’s a great body. no doubt.

  • Pat_McGroin

    She’s a repellant slag attention-seeking whore failed model who is best known down here in Oz for fucking some dumb football player then fucking some dumb cricket player. She was the face of a failed government tourism campaign which cost the taxpayers over AUD$180 million. The dumb football player took a pic of her in the shower which she herself leaked to the media, then spat the dummy and tried to sue the magazine because it was published. Go figure. After becoming a figure of ridicule due to her aberrant behaviour, she pissed off the the States (sorry guys, I really do like the US and I feel sorry for you) to try her hand at flogging her unappealing body and her unattractive face. She can’t sing, can’t act, can’t dance, can barely speak….sound like celebrity material to me!

  • harridiculous

    all that Patty said and more….she’s as dumb as batshit. If breathing wasn’t a reflex she’d be blue. The dumb fuck should have been clubbed at birth.