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Anna Faris is Not Hot of the Day

Just a heads up, the bitch who gets cast as the “hot chick” is actually not hot at all, she’s got a shitty body and her chin looks like it’s trying to escape her face cuz there’s an all you can eat promotion going on at Pizza Hut or some shit…

Pics via Bauer

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  • johnson

    Ur sick dude. Lets see a pic of your wife before you call any other chick ugly. I bet her pussy smells like a sardines cunt.

  • RP

    Thats LaGuardia Airport.
    It 112 degrees here in NYC today with a humidity of 60 “The Baked Apple ” Makeup melts off, all the woman look like crap and worse today.

  • Drunken Pig

    Bitch looks do-able..nothing that great though..does she like the buttsects??

  • John in Miami

    I would hit it and the pony tail is a plus. If a girl likes to really suck cock and has long hair then it’s pony tail time. This hottie is going to suck cock on this day….and do it well. I love pony tails.

  • Rumpy

    Cutest thing in movies if you ask me. Dude you’re just pissed because she would never look at you twice.

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