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Carrie Underwood Legs Go on Her Honeymoon of the Day

The only thing exciting about these pictures of Carrie Underwood and her new husband at the airport is that they are about to leave on their honeymoon…and the hot thing about honeymoon’s is the amount of dick her pussy is going to get over the next week or two when she’s knee deep in romance and smitten with the fact that some dude just locked into her and promised to never leave her..Seriously, if you want to see a pussy at her best level of performing, it happens when you marry them, or when you break their heart and they want you to realize what you are missing….she may even give him anal for the first time cuz she figures it’s gotta happen sometime since they are married even though all it really takes is a lenghty divorce process to get out of the shit, one that she’ll finance with all her singer money, and he can just move onto the next pussy willing cuz there’s a lot of it out there…cuz that’s just how life works..and her legs in these shorts look pretty alright too….especially for someone about to allow herself to be treated like a fucking whore only instead of paying her by the hour he just made false promises…and made her feel secure enough to show her best…Goodtimes…

Pics via Bauer

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  • Imtheloserbehindyou

    She’s hanging onto that ring she picked out like her life depended on it.