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Kate Hudson’s Mom Ass on a Boat of the Day

Here is Kate Hudson’s whore ass climbing into a boat and smoking like a fucking sailor and I am sure some of you are into this, especially if you’ve done time in the navy, because this is the kind of shit you imagined seeing on deck when your first mate made eye contact with you while sucking you off after months at sea with no pussy…Ok, that was kinda gay…but I figure Kate Hudson is at a stage in her life where her kid, all the dudes she banged that makes her hard to go down on cuz all you can think about is all the cock that ravaged cunt has seen, not to mention she made Owen Wilson suicidal, and overall is just damaged and dangerous and not so that desirable, but her ass is pretty solid…and I guess that’s why I am posting the shit, despite knowing she’s shit…

Pics via Fame

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  • Drunken Pig

    This star-fucker has flown under the radar while more ‘High profile’ sluts ala..Kim K/Paris/Blowhan etc..took the lime-light..kid yourself not..this bitch has seen more action than a $10 dollar whore on sailor payday!!..Rock-stars/Actors/Producers/Sport-stars..that snatch prolly has teeth!!

  • HornyLohanWanker

    If she smokes she pokes, ’nuff said.