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Sophie Monk in Some Shorts of the Day

Sophie Monk must be working on her image cuz what she had going for her wasn’t working out so well…even though dudes wanted to fuck her Paris Hilton Herpe Pussy…because she’s gone and darkened her hair color, I guess a bimbo’s strategy to get the more sophisticated roles I guess she’s been getting rejected for…and I guess by sophisticated roles, I mean any fucking role, cuz I don’t think this bitch works…I mean other than the streets for the paparazzi trying to increase her popularity and stock to film producers who are reading these blogs to see who they can get on deal cuz they are really desperate….and I guess that explains her clown facial expressions, like shit is a casting couch, to show off her talent, cuz this is her chance to get seen by all those people slamming the door on her face after taking a blowjob….

The whole thing is pretty sad….poor little Australian from the Trailer Park just trying to make it in America….but not sad enough cuz the sex tape hasn’t hit yet…but I can promise you it will. She’s just that kind of girl.

Pics via Fame

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  • Expletive:bmp

    the photography must be bored taking picture of this gal, just look at her, she’s all cute in shit with her scrawny mutha fuckin legs, and the camera man takes those fucking pictures like she’s the only bit of cunny cheese on the planet. Maybe he wants to scratch and sniff her vegimite cheeze.

  • roscoe

    busted face and now she’s anorexic. Sad. Give her a sammich.

  • Pat_McGroin

    Born in in England. Grew up in Australia. Failed as a singer. Is now failing as an actress an Hollywood. Devoid of appeal, talent or ability in any field whatsoever. Is only capable of doing absolutely nothing of interest. A complete waste of space and oxygen. Desperate media whore who should do the world a favour and just fade away.

  • slurpy

    Ugly, talentless and anorexic nobody, pass.

  • slurpy

    and please eat some damn food you stupid bitch.

  • slurpy

    Pat, can she take that fugly, rat faced, lame attention seeker Taylor Momsen with her and do us all a favour and also those disgusting plastic, fake Kardashians, Paris Hilton, Miley Cyrus, The Hills cast, The Jersey Shore cast etc, some one needs to go postal on these wastes of space, it would be a great day.