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Amanda Seyfried Dressed as Red Riding Hood of the Day

This has got to be a fetish for at least one person…..I personally prefer in lesbian sex scenes with a mom aged redhead…but then I have to remind myself that this is Amanda Seyfried and that she’s just eager to make as much money as she can, getting up in all kinds of movies, whether shitty or not as long as she gets paid, but she doesn’t put that same effort into getting noticed out in public and that makes me hate her….but here she is in period clothing for you idiots who make weapons and pretend you are warlocks or whatever the fuck that movement that practices in the park by my house with a homemade catapult is…..and I”m really just posting the shit cuz her facial expression looks like she’s taking it up the ass…a facial expression I like seeing on young starlets…enjoy weirdos…

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  • Drunken Pig

    Regular porn don’t cut it for me anymore..under-age facebook sluts..midgets..gagging..anal rape(no homo)..bestiality..bdsm..retard abuse..amputees..you get the picture!!

  • I like that she likes 35-year-olds

    What year was Little Red Riding Hood? Also, shouldn’t she have a hood?