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Kelly Rowland’s Shitty Implants on the Beach of the Day

Most girls I know who get implants get annoying about the shit. Maybe it is cuz they are ghetto and getting implants takes either a lot of work, whether at the stripclub or at some shitty menial job, or welfare and a lot of saving up, which is hard for ghetto pussy cuz there’s so many things they need to spend on, like food for their kids and booze…so when shit goes down, they let everyone know. They make everyone touch them. They start wearing revealing clothes, they act like they just bought a new car….where as this second rate Beyonce, with all her Destiny Child money, just sits on the beach like those tits are real and I don’t really get it, but I know that it bores me.

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  • P.P. Douglas

    Who cares about her tits, I’d give up about every aspect of my life and disown my entire family to be her foot slave.

  • Drunken Pig

    That’s so true it hurt’s!!..my ex could not show enough people her tit-job..which soon resulted in the bitch turning raging slut!!..sure don’t miss the cunt!!

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