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“Young Jenny” from Forrest Gump Topless in Some Movie of the Day

If you’re wondering where “Young Jenny” from Forrest Gump is now, you know after all these years of waiting for the day you can see her aged enough that jerking off to her isn’t creepy, your search is officially over, cuz she’s doing what all young girls should be doing and that’s getting topless in movies I’ve never heard of like this weirdness called Happiness Runs…

Here are the clips….

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  • Drunken Pig

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  • SwiftyCG

    She was in the Halloween 2007 one to topless

  • Taz

    Nice tits

  • Lil’ Tyler Van Dyke

    Damn, she grew up to be a stunner!

  • Jordan

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  • Twist

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  • Drunken Pig

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  • Trap Them and Kill Them

    Never heard of her but now i like her. Kudos to the director cause this is like some old-school gratuitous nudity.

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  • Repo

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  • Drunken Pig

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  • cassidee

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  • Darky

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