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Sienna Miller in a Bikini as Jude Law Sniffs it of the Day

I am not surprised these idiots are in a relationship. I mean it was pretty obvious that he was the male version of her….at least it was back when they were actually relevant, before he started balding, back when Hollywood loved light haired people with an accent, before they were rejected and forced to a life of luxury smearing their dirty genitals on each other like two prostitutes with AIDS who found each other and thought it was destiny…..I just don’t know why it took them so long to lock each other in, I mean I guess they both wanted to fuck everyone they could before giving into love…and who cares, she’s in a bikini and her body is still alright, even though my love for her has died like her vagina’s health…but she’s still in a bikini and that’s good enough for me.

Pics via Bauer

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  • george costanzz

    what is the attraction with this girl. All she has is a slit. I don’t see much else worth mentioning.

  • Joe

    Thanks Jesus, Sienna Miller + Bikini is always good especially with a great summer weekend coming up.
    Some NYC FD workers I had beers with here in O’Dools bar, shes regular hangout people.

    Unlike all these Hollywood Limo-Democraps who shit and piss all over our City and East Hampton

  • me

    Eat a dick, you’re just a lemming/republitard. Fitting your name is Joe, you generic asshole.