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Eva Mendes in Another Funny or Die Bullshit Video of the Day

Will Farrell owns Funny or Die. Eva Mendes is in his new movie that he’s hoping will be the comeback he needs since all his movies are irritating as fuck and some people can’t handle the fact that they are irrelevant, even if they have a popular website, so in trying to make his movie huge, he is using his hot bodied costar on his website to get any traction he can and unfortunately his movie is going to be a huge deal cuz people are idiots and buy into anything they are told to, but at least I get to see more Eva Mendes as she’s part of his promo campaign…something I never get bored of even if I get real irritated by it and it’s unfunniness.

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  • Drunken Pig

    Funny or Die??..after watching 1:07 of this shit..I choose death!!..Eva belongs nude..and on mute!!

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