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Jenny McCarthy is Too Old for this Shit of the Day

Shouldn’t Jenny McCarthy be saving autism out of guilt for the drug use and party lifestyle that tainted her uterus enough to have a retard baby….and not spending her time showing off her old boxed up body and her old big horse head face, things that should be covered the fuck up, but luckily her 15 year old titties save the day and give me something worthwhile to look at…because we get it, she did Playboy 20 years ago…and has been riding it ever since. Useless.

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  • Imtheloserbehindyou

    She’s looking good but you know you talk to her to get in her panties and she will talk about her kid all night until you give up or drug her.

  • Bob Smith

    I still have the issue of playboy when she was in her prime.

    A1 prime pussy, and a catholic schoolgirl to boot. I would still fuck her if she shut up about her kid.

  • cowbulls

    I’d fuck her no matter what she was saying. I’d rather hear about her kid than some Liberal chick running her mouth about Communism or Obama.
    She is one of the best perserved women out there.

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