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Amy Winehouse Stop Seducing Me of the Day

Amy Winehouse was porn to me back when her skin was flaking off her cuz her immune system shut down….She turned me on when she didn’t sleep or shower for days…back when she was constantly on drugs and was losing her teeth while scaring off the children and more importantly everyone who happened to be near her…so you can imagine what this cleaned up Winehouse with fat tits is doing to me…and that’s pissing me off…because I like my bitches down on their luck, near death, at the rock bottom, cuz it makes me think they are attainable when jerking off to them, this polished, put together Winehouse is looking at me like she know’s she’s too good for me….Instead of with that look of desparation for her next fix….and the whole thing depresses me.

Winehouse, bring the nasty rashes and drugged out scenes back…I need it for my sex life…

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  • Expletive:BMP

    She still reeks of death. Maybe if she wasn’t an ethiopian wannabe then I’d say she’s doable. Put some meat on them bones because right now, she’s a staple child for crackwhores.

  • Drunken Pig

    Agreed..pretty much looks like a strung-the-fuck-right-out ‘Crack-Whore’ to me!!..any real news??

  • jack haslam

    i want to lick her monobrow