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Paris Hilton’s Old New Bff is Still Trying of the Day

I had the unfortunate pleasure of meeting Brittany Flicklinger drunk last summer. She was a cunt who acted like she was actually famous and better than us, before I told her what I did and her really fucking desperate for any attention self agreed to do an interview for the site, so I sent over a gang of retards to deal with her, and bitch was pretty fucking pathetic. From struggling to get booked at clubs, to struggling to get people to even know who she was, to struggling to figure out publicity stunts, but not willing to let us film her getting fucked, the whole thing was almost sad….that was until her manager started hitting me up, threatening to kill me, cuz he was actually a drug dealer, very angry his girl got misrepresented…..The whole thing was a joke, she was a fucking joke, and we all moved on to forget about her, as we should, but I guess she’s decided to make a comeback and she’s doing that by flashing some panty….totally uninteresting…but better than what I was up to last night, which was a half hour coversation with two lesbian night shift security guards having a cigarette outside the mall they work at about how they fuck each other in the lingerie department while they work cuz no one is around to watch over….which I guess is actually more substantial than this reality tv scum on the bottom of the barrel of scum that is already at the bottom of the barrel….

Here she is drunk and fighting as hard as she can to get noticed…..and unfortuantely, I noticed….Just so you know, I hate myself for this.

For Old Times Sake…Here’s the interview my gag of retards did with her….

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  • beavis

    She’s a foxy one. I want to hire her for an event, at my house.

  • Mike

    Ever think maybe she was a cunt to you, because you were one to her? I’ve been friends with her for a while and she is usually a pretty nice person.

  • Expletive:BMP

    Help her out you fucking burrito, just so you know, mexicans are also considered black in some circles, so maybe she needs a bit of hayzeus in her life—can’t see why you didn’t create a reality show around this chick in her attempt to get noticed. I’d help you develop it, but you’d have to get me the fuck out of the Bahamas and into Canada. She has talent in a worthless media whore soon to become a princess type of way, and I like it.

  • mongo

    Hi DS
    I read your blog daily. Please start making more stuff like this i.e. videos: nterviews, events etc.
    This was fun 🙂

  • Rodney

    she is fucking HOTTTTTTTTT. she looks like a true blue fuck doll. she’s hotter than paris hilton.

  • jaclyn

    She is DEFINITELY hotter than Paris, because she has natural beauty! Everything about Paris is fake (eyes, hair, skin, lips, etc) I think she needs to go to jail because of the cocaine possession incident in Vegas.

  • jordan

    BMP, you just insulted every black person from here to the Caribbean. Those 3 foot four midgets are not black.