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Ashlee Simpson’s Legs in a See Through of the Day

Ashlee Simpson is doing a hell of a lot better than her fat as fuck sister…I like to think this is a good old case of sabotage. You know after years of being on the back burner in the family, doing what Jessica wanted, spending birthdays and Christmas where Jessica happened to be performing, pretty much putting everyone’s life on hold for Jessica….only to decide to launch her own career, that was a fucking disaster, because no one told her that just cuz your sister is liked, wanted and famous, doesn’t mean you will be…pretty humiliating herself and making her resent and hate Jessica even more….You know, secretly happy when Jessica’s marriage failed, and when Jessica couldn’t land a man, or keep a man to have a family with…realizing how rewarding it was when Jessica finally got what she fucking deserved….and Ashlee came out as the fucking winner, with a happy marriage to a faggot, a baby, money and a good life….that Jessica just can’t get. Finally, something Ashlee is good at. Finally the prize in the family….

I can only assume that Ashlee is partially responsible for this, you know melting a stick of butter in Jessica’s protein shakes, or having eating competitions with her to get the ball rolling, only to puke secretly, leaving Jessica to blow the fuck up…It is the only explanation for Jessica Simpson’s new fat and horrible body ….

Here are some pictures of her rocking out at the US Open Cuz It’s Good To Be Her Now That She’s the Prize of the Family Even Though She’s Retarded

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  • HorneyLohanWanker

    She sure ain’t her sister.

  • Drunken Pig

    …gave thought to that as well..DNA tests for the postman/meter reader and pizza delivery guy!!

  • JZ

    She’s fug. Sorry, her face is ugh.